How Healthy is Yoghurt?

The answer to that, it turns out, is very healthy. It’s been known for a while that fresh yogurt is an excellent snack or accompaniment to a meal, providing both deliciousness and nutrients. Yogurt is also extremely to make, if you’ve got a yogurt maker in your kitchen.

In this article, we’ll list a bunch of compelling reasons as to why you should include more yogurt in your diet. If you don’t have a yogurt maker, check out Yummy Yogurt for some good reviews on the best yogurt makers and for some good information on yogurt all around.

So, let’s see if we can’t convince you to have more yogurt. Here are 4 scientifically backed claims about yogurt:

It Helps With Weight Loss

This is probably the most common reason as to why people consume yogurt. In the media, it has often been recommended to consume yogurt if one wishes to lose weight. Studies have been conducted in which the participants were asked to reduce their calorie intake by a modest amount, while also adding a 200 calorie cup of yogurt to their diet. Those who did so lost 22% more weight and over 80% of belly fat. If you add to this the fact that yogurt makes you feel full, you’ve got a true weight loss trick!

Yogurt Aids Digestion

Yogurt contains bacteria, called probiotics, which are actually good for your gut. This kind of bacteria is the one that helps keeps infections away. Furthermore, they also boost the digestive ability of your system. All round goodness!

Yogurt Can Strengthen the Immune System

The probiotics in yogurt are super-powered. It is believed that, by bettering the conditions of the stomach, they reduce the chances of developing an inflammatory disease. Other studies that have been conducted suggest that probiotics aid in the recovery from infections.

Yogurt May Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

Salt is a silent killer and far too many of us consume too much of it. It can lead to many illnesses and ailments, one of which is high blood pressure. However, yogurt contains high levels of potassium, which flushes out salt from the body. A study conducted by Harvard showed that those who consumed a few servings of low fat yogurt everyday were 50% less likely to develop high blood pressure.

Need any more reasons? We didn’t think so either. Eat your veggies and your yogurt!