Headphones Rule Over Earphones When It Comes To Safety

Some people prefer to use small gadgets such as earphones instead of headphones.  But it is true that headphones are bulky but when it comes to performance and safety, it is far better than earphones. According to http://www.headphonesunlimited.info/sennheiser-hd558-hd700-hd800-rs170-noise-cancelling-headphones-reviews/, there are some reasons why headphones will always stand out among other listening devices.

Headphones cause less stress on the ears and eardrums

Earphones plugs are placed inside the ears close to the eardrums. One danger is one a sudden impact hits the ears with the plug. The pressure could force the plugs deeper into the ear and cause damage on the ears’ interiors, especially the eardrums. The same risk is faced by people who sleep with their earphones. There is the possibility of suddenly turning to one side and the ear plug pushed deeper into the ears.  With headphones, the plugs remain outside of the ears, not inside, causing no pain or discomfort, and the possibility of harming the inside part of the ears.

Headphones are hygienic

Since the plugs of the headphones stay outside of the ears, they are more sanitary compared to earphones. Earphones can get contaminated by fluids and earwax and using another person’s earphones seem to be unhygienic. In contract, headphones are not placed inside the ears so that the dirt from the ears will not stick on the plugs.

Headphones are easy to store

Earphones have small wirings and small plugs and when not carefully stored, the wires and plugs can get entangled. With headphones, one can hang it on a convenient place after use. The wires are bigger and shorter. Because it is bulky, it is easy to find among other items that people usually keep close to their desktops or laptops.

For people who want to get high level listening experience, headphones are the safest and most convenient choice.